Established in 2016, MediLabKits is a leading provider of at-home testing products. We provide quick, convenient & reliable testing for STDs & Bacterial Infections.

Guaranteed Quality

MedilabKits offers a full range of high quality, ISO-certified products which are supported by a 100% money back guarantee

 95% to 99% accuracy - with results available in 15 minutes.

 We supply home testing kits across North America & South America; Europe; Middle East; Africa; Asia and Australia.

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Discreet Testing

Our range of at-home test kits allow you to discreetly & conveniently determine your STD and Bacterial Infections status including HIV 1&2, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B&C Herpes 1&2, and Syphilis in the privacy of your home.

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MediLabKits supplies quality at-home test kits for diagnosing of STDs & Bacterial Infections.
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Easy to Perform

All of our test kits are easy to perform, convenient and conducive to your privacy.

Fast results ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, safe and effective.