Legal Disclaimer:

We offer a selection of test kits with the best of intentions and at the best technology available, but do not take any responsibility for the test results, nor any actions resulting from using these test kits.

These test kits should be seen as a first inquiry screen test, and not be used for final diagnosis or analysis.

Please be advised that NO type of test could be guaranteed 100% fool proof, all the time, and for this reason, a result must be confirmed and verified by a second test to eliminate a wrong reading as far as possible.

Please be advised that many factors may influence a test and give a wrong reading. Factors such as an incorrect way of doing the test will influence the test and its accuracy.

Please verify all results with a medical testing facility.

Although we believe that people should be able to use a test kit at home, testing for whatever they wish, it is still in the interests of their health, and the health of those around them, to have tests verified, whatever the home test kit result might be, by a licensed medical testing facility.

These home test kits, although reliable, should be used as a guide and not as a final test for any purposes.

If you are unsure of your reaction after doing your test, and the results, we urge you to have an emotional support system available, or if need be, that you discuss it with a medical practitioner, religious adviser, or whatever person you would feel comfortable with.

Some results may be traumatic for some people, but please keep in mind that these results should be verified by a registered medical testing facility to confirm the results.